Safe Network

The Safe Network was founded in 2001 (as an informal network), and consisted of 32 non-governmental organizations and government institutions, engaged in the issue of violence, from the whole of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Federation of B&H and Republika Srpska).




For quick and effective action, in February 2002 the Advisory Committee of the Safe Network was established, which consists of 12 organizations representing 12 different regions (Foundation of Local Democracy - Sarajevo, Women to Women - Sarajevo, United Women Banja Luka, Women from Una - Bihać, Femina - Bijeljina, Round Table - Brčko District, Woman B&H - Mostar, Zora - Milići, Women's Center - Trebinje, Li Woman - Livno, Center for Social Work - Goražde, Reference Group - Tuzla, Medica - Zenica). Chairmanship of the Committee was entrusted to the Foundation of Local Democracy.


Although the Safe Network has in its work achieved several significant results and contributed to the legal norms in the field of protection from violence, there is evidence of stagnation of its work, the disappearance from the process of individual members, as well as the fragmentation of the sector, the repetition of projects, power dissipation, and therefore funds . The disunited force of the NGO sector went in favour of the government sector, because they could manipulate the unarticulated interests of NGOs.


On the other hand, every day there was a stronger need for the existence of such a sectoral network as an instrument of harmonization, coordination and transfer of knowledge between the organizations dealing with issues of the fight against domestic violence.


Therefore, the Safe Network was reactivated in 2011, and relations within the network between the members were defined by signing a Memorandum of Cooperation.



The aim of reactivating the Safe Network as a sectoral network is to establish an institutional framework for the activities of civil society organizations working in the field of combating domestic violence at the national and regional level, in order to attempt the organized search for systemic solutions to combat domestic violence.



Members of the Safe Network B&H, that together make up the Secretariat of the Network are: 

Vive Women – Tuzla

Woman B&H–Mostar

Budućnost - Modriča

Medica - Zenica

Women to Women - Sarajevo

Women from Una - Bihać

Foundation of Local Democracy - Sarajevo 

United Women - Banja Luka


The Secretariat manages the process of functioning of the Safe Network B&H. A chair of the organization is elected from among the members of the Network for a period of 12 months that is obliged to inform the members about the planned and implemented activities.



The strategic objectives of the Safe Network B&H: 


Public speaking about the problem of domestic violence, especially from the aspect of protection of human rights 

The initiatives and proposals for amendments to the existing and creation of new legislation that will ensure the better position and protection of women and children victims of domestic violence

Strengthening the capacity of NGOs to become an equal partner to the institutions of the system

The creation and development of a national strategy to combat violence

Development of the Action Plan for Bosnia and Herzegovina in the prevention, protection and the fight against domestic violence

Unique action at the local, national, regional and global level