7 public presentations of the Safe Network held in 7 cities in B&H

Members of the Secretariat of the Safe Network conducted 7 public presentations in 7 cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina in which they operate: Bihać, Tuzla, Modriča, Banja Luka, Mostar, Zenica and Sarajevo.

 The purpose of the public presentation of the Safe Network was to introduce the work of the Platform of the Network, the motivation and mobilization of new members and making arrangements on the methods of cooperation to increase the membership of the new, smaller or larger NGOs that are active in the fight against gender-based violence, especially against domestic violence.


Public presentations were held in the following order:


- Sarajevo, 13.11.2012. Women to Women and Foundation of Local Democracy (31 participants, 17 representatives of NGOs, 14 representatives of the institutions of the system in the region of Sarajevo and Eastern Sarajevo)

-Zenica, 04.12.2012. Medica (17 participants, representatives of NGOs)


- Tuzla, 29.11.2012. Viva Women (15 participants, representatives of NGOs and the Centre for Social Work)



-Mostar, 19.12.2012. Woman Bi&H (12 participants, representatives of NGOs)


- Bihać, , 06.12.2012. Women from Una (17 participants, representatives of NGOs and the Centre for Social Work)



- Modriča, 26.11.2012. Budućnost (14 participants, representatives of NGOs)



-Banja Luka, 24.12.2012. United Women (10 participants, representatives of NGOs)



It was concluded that the reactivation and reorganization of the Safe Network is supported by all participants, and that there is an interest for inclusion in the Safe Network on the basis of clearly defined criteria for the admission of new members.