Results of the competition

Commission composed of: Azra Hasanbegović, Žena BiH; Erna Saljević, Via Media and Amra Hadžić, the Foundation of Local Democracy, on 21 February 2017, in the premises of the Foundation of Local Democracy, Radićeva 11, Sarajevo, starting at 10:00 am made a decision on the results of the comptetition.

 It was ascertained that a total of eight project proposals were received from eight associated members of the Safe Network.

The members of the commission each individually read and evaluated the project proposals with marks from 1 to 8 (1 - the lowest score, 8 - the highest score).

After the points awarded by the members of the commission to the project proposals individually were summed up, the ranking was carried out. 




The Commission unanimously decided to financially support the project proposals of the following organizations, namely: as the first-classified with the same number of points Amica Educa in Tuzla and the Association of Network of Women Police Officers Tuzla, each in the amount of 2.500,00 KM; runner-up projects of the Women's Association "Most" Višegrad and Legal Aid Center Zenica, each in the amount of KM 2,000.00; and two third place projects The Initiative of the Citizens of Mostar and Association of Women Derventa each in the amount of 1.750,00KM.

The Commission has decided to finance six projects instead of the proposed five projects in the amounts corresponding to the proposed activities and the expected results from the realization of the public campaign as part of the projects selected for funding as the best ranked. 

Organizations that received financial support partly from the OAK project through the planned activities - training for associates and media promotion activities and partly from the small grants of the US Embassy in BiH, prepare activities that will be implemented at the same time in 10 local communities in April 2017.