“Improvement of access to services for all women and girls - victims of domestic violence in Bosnia and Herzegovina”

On November 13th,2017, Foundation of Local Democracy Sarajevo started with implementation of the Project “Improvement of access to services for all women and girls - victims of domestic violence in Bosnia and Herzegovina”. Project partner on implementation of activities in Republika Srpska is “Budućnost” Modriča. The whole project will be implemented in the partnership with the members of the Safe Network.The Project was financially supported by UN Women in BiH, and within the framework of the regional project "Implementation of norms, changing attitudes" funded by the European Union. Project duration is 26 months.

The aim of the Project is to contribute to creation of an enabling legislative and policy environment in line with international standards on eliminating violence against women and all forms of discrimination.  

The goal is to review and reform laws and policies with a focus on provision of services to victims of domestic violence and development of adequate legislation solution to conform with international human rights standards including CEDAW and the Istanbul Convention. 

The current situation does not offer a guarantee of sustainability and creation of a system of protection as foreseen by the Istanbul Conventions. For these reasons, members of the Safe Network as a network of CSOs that deal with the protection, prevention and improvement of the system of protection against domestic violence will establish, through this project, partnership with the responsible gender institutions (Gender Center FBIH and RS) in order to create a favorable environment for necessary adequate legislation solution of the legislative framework. This is of critical importance at this moment since, according to the available information, relevant government institutions already initiated process of changing the existing legal framework related to this issue.  

Therefore, the Safe Network intent is to develop Policy Paper that will outline adequate legal framework for establishment, functioning and financing of the safe houses based on the impact assessment of the new regulations and the positive effects that such regulation would bring to the society, victims and institutions within the system. The Policy Paper will outline main reform that needs to be implemented and responsibilities of different actors. The main aim of the Policy Paper is to provide base for the CSOs’ for active participation and negotiation with the authorities in legislative changes process.     

Based on the Policy paper, Safe Network will offer concrete proposals to the governments of the Federation BiH and RepublikaSrpska. The Safe Network will additionally support this effort with a strong advocacy campaign aimed at creating favorable environment for the adoption of the developed and offered solution.